Compassionate communication

with children

Introductory training


7-8 March 2020

About the training

In this course we will discover how we can relate to children with more trust, connection and harmony, how to change conflict into connection, and to strengthen our relationships with children.

The course will focus on the techniques of non-violent communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg. NVC is a powerful and practical tool that helps to build an awareness to communicate and relate to others based on your needs and the needs of others. With NVC we can create sustainable connection and cooperation based on intrinsic motivation from both adult and child. We connect to what is alive in ourselves and the child. Then we see how we can bring all needs together to find a solution that enrich both our lives.

For many years, I have experienced the powerful way in which non-violent communication can strengthen relationships with children, help me to stand up respectfully for my own needs, and to take into account the needs of children.

We will also touch on aware parenting and the power of play in supporting children with the expression of painful feelings.

In this training we will focus on:

  • Awareness of our own feelings and needs and those of the child.
  • How to hear the message of the child, no matter how they express it.
  • How to listen to ourselves so we can see what is important to us, and how to communicate it in a way that fosters compassion and cooperation.
  • How we can transform conflict into connection and cooperation.
  • Where we take the feelings and needs of children into account, while standing up for our own needs.
  • Alternatives to handling ‘difficult’ behavior and ‘intense’ emotions, without threats, punishments and rewards.
  • How to stand clearly for our own boundaries without demands, force, fear, punishments or rewards.
  • How to care for ourselves while caring for children.
  • How to create peaceful dialogues that give space for the expression of everyone’s needs.

This training is meant to offer basic insights and an introductory awareness of non-violent communication. Starting from your own experiences we will train concrete skills, so you can try them out in your everyday life.

This training is for everybody who lives and/or works with children of all ages.


Stijn De Neve

The trainer is Stijn De Neve from Belgium. He has worked with children in different settings for over 16 years (childcare, democratic education, camps, …). In 2009 he discovered non-violent communication and he started teaching NVC in 2018. In 2010, he co-founded Sudbury School Ghent. Now he organizes camps for kids and is busy founding a new democratic school called Orvita, which will incorporate the values of non-violent communication. Stijn is qualified in Family Studies, Play Therapy, and offers counseling for kids, parents and families.


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